Internet Mirrors 44 (Built)Internet Mirrors Sphere SquenceInternet Mirrors 28 (Sphereland)Internet Mirrors 30 (Vienna Window)Internet Mirrors 25 (Converged Sky)Internet Mirrors 27 (Forest)Internet Mirrors 17 (Ringed Forest)Internet Mirrors 24 (Yard)Internet Mirrors 20 (Edged Sky)Internet Mirrors 12 (Forest)Internet Mirrors 15 (Forest)Internet Mirrors 2 (Forest)Internet Mirrors 37 (Copse)
Internet Mirrors
This series of digital collages is derived from found photography of mirrors. My work primarily responds to existing pictures, often focusing on commonplace amateur photography collected from the internet. This manner of appropriation facilitates the means to look outside the bounds of personal observation and glean vicarious insights from the everyday picture-making practices of others. Similarly, visual devices like the mirror, the camera, and the screen provide space to stand back from the world we experience with our eyes and consider the manner of our visual engagement. For over a decade, I have been collecting found JPEGs of mirrors from online resale marketplaces. These photos afford diverse solutions to the curious task of documenting a mirror as an isolated object, resulting in secondary glimpses of the seller’s life reflected within the mirrors.

The Internet Mirrors series is constructed solely of internet mirror reflections that frame the outside world. Using eBay as a collective eye, these digital mosaics articulate a manifold and multifaceted vision of the world that integrates cyberspace with our earthly environment. Each composition contains a multitude of unrelated views, organized in a shared mesh of context and meticulously arranged to shape an alluring aesthetic space.

Sidenote: The series was stirred up in response to J.G. Ballard's novel The Crystal World. Ballard's glittering descriptions inspired the ornamental style of this series. Here is an excerpt from the "Mirrors & assassins" chapter: “(T)he crystalline trees hanging like icons in those luminous caverns, the jeweled casements of the leaves overhead, fused into a lattice of prisms, through which the sun shone in a thousand rainbows, the birds and crocodiles frozen into grotesque postures like heraldic beasts carved from jade and quartz.”